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Inclusivity RAG

The Inclusivity RAG (Red, Amber, Green) Assessment is a new tool to support the delivery of the Skills for Life plan. The Inclusivity RAG is a tool to help you assess the types of people who are joining and taking part in your Scouting provision, and consider how it operates.

Our Skills for Life plan sets out our shared aspiration to enable even more young people to access the best possible start in life. To do this we need to ensure that Scouting is diverse (reflective of society) and that we operate in a way which is inclusive.

The tool should be used to start powerful conversations about diversity and inclusion in Scouting.

There are Inclusivity RAG Assessments for:

Is Scouting inclusive?

Regardless of how welcoming we think Scouting is, if the young people and adult volunteers we attract, retain and promote into leadership positions are all very similar, then there are opportunities to make the Group more inclusive. Scouting acheives amazing things and we want to ensure that even more young people get to experience all that it has to offer.

This tool will help you work out where your local Scouting is and where things could be improved in the future. The red, amber and green catergories can be used to support the leadership to consider:

- the types of people who are attracted to Scouting (demographics)

- how welcoming and supportive the local Scouting culture is (culture)

- how easy it is for all young people and adult volunteers to thrive in Scouting         (processes)

How to use the Inclusivity RAG Assessment

Guidelines for use are included within each Inclusivity RAG Assessment.

The final page of the tool includes some suggestions of what you could do to address any areas for improvement and the resources which can support you.

For further support in completing your Inclusivity RAG Assessment contact info.centre@scouts.org.uk


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