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NSRA tutor trainers

For several years the National Small-bore Rifle Association (NSRA) Youth Proficiency Scheme (YPS) Tutor's Diploma has been the basic qualification for the supervision of target shooting with airguns as a scout activity.

Over 4,000 people have been awarded this qualification by the NSRA as a result of courses arranged through Scouting. The demand remains high and in some areas there are long waiting lists for this course. The NSRA is willing to consider nominations from The Scout Association for the appointment of suitable people as tutor trainers to deliver the YPS Tutor's Diploma course.

It is stressed that this is an NSRA appointment, not a scout one. However, we hope that most scout counties and areas will be able to find a suitable person to fulfil this role, thereby increasing the supply of NSRA YPS Tutor's Diploma courses and enabling more scouts to participate in this activity.

Who is suitable?

There are three criteria for nomination:

  1. Experienced target shooter at club level or above qualified as a range conducting officer. Nominees will normally be qualified as an instructor or coach in the relevant discipline(s) or will have shot in Open competition as a representative at county level or above.
  2. Ability as a presenter of training to adults. This is to be confirmed by the nominating commissioner on behalf of The Scout Association. The nominee will normally hold a Scout Association certificate of competence as a presenter of training or have demonstrated their competence in the planning and delivery of training to adults.
  3. Membership. The nominee must be either:
    • An NSRA life or annual member, or
    • Both a member of the Scout Association and also a member of an NSRA affiliated club

The membership criterion has two functions. It ensures that the tutor trainer is adequately insured and, through access to 'The Rifleman', is kept properly informed of developments affecting the Youth Proficiency Scheme. The appointment will remain valid only so long as this criterion is met.


The activities office at Gilwell Park will act as a central point for nominations. The NSRA will consider only those it receives from Gilwell.

Route for applications:

  1. The applicant compiles a resume of their relevant shooting and instructional experience, countersigned by people (usually including the secretary of their target shooting club) with personal knowledge of the statements made and sends it to.
  2. ...the nominating commissioner (who will be the DC or, in the case of holders of county/Area appointments, the county or area commissioner or a designated DCC/DAC or ACC/AAC) who confirms by letter, on the basis of personal knowledge, that the applicant's attitude to the management of safety, leadership capability and instructional skill are all appropriate to this appointment and forwards the application...
  3. ...through the relevant area/County office...
  4. ...to the Scout Association activities manager at Gilwell, who will register the application and forward it to the NSRA for consideration for appointment as a YPS tutor trainer.

The HQ UK technical adviser (shooting) will provide advice upon request to those identified above.

The NSRA will issue a certificate of appointment to successful applicants.

Operation of the scheme

Tutor trainers are authorised to purchase the YPS tutor and student manuals in bulk from the NSRA as course materials. At the end of each tutor training course the tutor trainer notifies the NSRA of the details of the successful candidates and will be sent their certificates and badges for issue to the new tutors.


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