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Inclusive reflection events and Promise renewals

Moments to reflect, faith events and Promise renewals have always been an important part of Scouting. It is important to ensure that these reflection events are truly inclusive and culturally appropriate for everyone.

These events are a means of celebrating the diversity of the Movement and allow participants the opportunity to explore faith, beliefs and attitudes, and engage in spiritual reflection within Scouting. Faith and the celebration of
faith is a very personal thing and takes many forms in the world around us. To ensure all participants are comfortable, the event should be carefully considered.

Inter-faith events

Inter-faith events provide a good opportunity for young people to share in spiritual reflection. Sharing in spiritual reflection is a very diverse and deep activity. It encompasses the diversity of faith of members and may include
prayer and worship as well as other appropriate methods of reflection. It is important to help young people spend time taking stock of themselves and the world around them.

Inter-faith events may be celebrations or events, such as St.Georges’
Day celebrations, Scouts’ Own events or Founder’s Day events.These events can vary in form from the very formal (such as a Founder’s Day Service) to the more relaxed (a nature walk for example) and also vary greatly in size from a small Scouts’ Own at the weekly section meeting to a large
County celebration. Both events provide important opportunities for spiritual reflection and the exploration of faiths, beliefs and attitudes.

St. George’s Day celebrations

Lord Baden-Powell chose St. George to be The Patron Saint of Scouting. He felt that Saint George presented in legends set a good example of faith, courage and perseverance.

St. George's Day is the 23 April every year and is traditionally an opportunity for members of Scouting to renew their Promise.

More ideas to support St.George's day celebrations are available here.

The story of St.George can be found here

Promise ceremonies and renewals

It has been good practice for many years to invite members to renew their Promise ‘in their own words’, using the version of the Promise appropriate to them; and it is important that this is always incorporated into Promise
renewals. The different versions of the Promise can be said together in unison.

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