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The Management strand of the Youth Shaped Scouting strategy is all about young people (18 – 30) playing an active part in the management of Scouting. Young people should be encouraged and empowered to take on management roles across the movement and have an active contribution to working groups and project teams at all levels of Scouting. It’s all about aptitude and not age. If a young person has the right skills, knowledge and attitude to perform a role, then age shouldn’t be a blocker.

What does this look like locally?
•    Diverse District/County/Area teams made up of young people and adults with a range of ages and experiences.
•    Active and engaged Local Youth Commissioners.
•    Supportive Appointments Advisory Committees who appoint on aptitude and don’t disqualify on age.
•    Quality mentoring and coaching opportunities for young people in management roles.
•    Wear Their Necker and shadowing opportunities for young people to experience and learn about key management roles.
•    Talent Management - Identifying talented young people for future opportunities.
•    Effectively communicating vacant roles and positions to all ages.

Appointment Advisory Committees
Appointment Advisory Committees (AACs) have a key part to play in achieving our Youth Shaped Scouting Strategy. When completing the AAC process we need to ensure that interview panels don’t disqualify candidates due to their age. If a candidate has the right skills and knowledge to perform the role, and the correct support structure around them, age should not be a negative factor.

Powerpoint resources are available for Local Youth Commissioners to download and use to engage with their local AAC.

Click Here to download the YSS and AACs Guidance Notes
Click Here to download the Youth Shaped Scouting Overview resource
Click Here to download the Youth Shaped Scouting for Appointments Advisory Committees resource

Working Groups and Projects
Young People and adults working together brings a unique dimension and energy to conversations. Sharing ideas and concepts with a mix of ages and experiences can often bring great results. Working groups and projects should always have young people (18 – 30) on them to ensure our youth members ideas and opinions are taken into account. This could range from an organising team for a District competition to a local Diversity/Inclusion project, a large scale County camp or a community impact project.

Top Tips:
•    Recruit young people as deputies for event teams and project groups to allow young people to shadow (Wear Their Necker) experienced volunteers and gain valuable experience.
•    Encourage young people to choose and lead their own community impact projects through A Million Hands.
•    Use the #YouShape Activity Postcards as an engaging way to decide upon community impact projects and issues that matter to them.
•    Engage young people to play an active part in planning and attending local Pride events to celebrate and promote inclusion in Scouting.
•    Provide opportunities for young people to plan, organise and lead local events such as St George’s Day Celebrations, Inter-Faith Events, Annual General Meetings and more.


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