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Camping and Practical Skills

Camping takes us away from our familiar surroundings and brings additional hazards and unusual conditions. We have a duty to ensure they are safe places for young people, adults and visitors alike. Guidance exists to help you achieve and manage this.

Catering and stoves

Camping Gas - Guidance on Safe Use (FS120347)
If you use gas for camping or cooking this is information about which is best to choose, setting up your equipment correctly and safely as well as how to avoid the dangers of fire, explosion and carbon monoxide. You can also check out our Gas Safety Top Tips video here.

Carbon Monoxide Poster
Here's a handy poster you can print and display around your campsite raising awareness of the risks associated with Carbon Monoxide. If you would like this in a format which can be supplied to a printing company for production please email safety@scouts.org.uk.

Meths burning stoves: easy steps to staying safe
Vital information for those planning lightweight camping and expeditions.  This can easily be used to help train and prepare the young people in your care.

FS120345 Aerosol Gas Stoves
Guidance on the safe use of aerosol gas stoves.

FS320003 Food Safety
Guidance for keeping safe with food. It includes a set of bullet points perfect to laminate for a patrol to keep them on track and in good health.

Health and Hygiene

Avoiding ill health at camp (FS120626)
Guidance about how to camp safely on farmland and to reduce the risks from E-Coli.

Hand washing poster
Make sure everyone knows how to wash their hands effectively, either with water and soap or hand sanitiser. This handy poster shows the steps.

Ticks - advice on prevention, protection and removal

An increasing potential problem for walkers and campers in certain terrain. This is a great help to planning and it important you are prepared to prevent contact or deal with any issues arising.

Hot weather and summer activities (FS120343)
Check out this guidance to help support you in keeping members safe during periods of hot weather or the summer.

Practical skills

Pioneering guidance FS315056 (updated Oct 2019)
Guidance on the safe construction of pioneering activities.

Party/fiesta tents guidance 
Lightweight and easy to maintain, plastic framed party type tents have become a good value option to traditional canvas mess tents – however the type of use for them needs to be considered carefully.

Chainsaws - basic guidance for users (updated June 2020)

An incredibly dangerous piece of machinery…in the wrong hands.  Any user should be a competent person and this guidance will point you in the right direction.

Knife Skills Safety Advice
Great illustrated advice for safely using knives with young people and adults alike as it is too easy to have an accident.

Using axe and saws
Great simple advice from Scout Advnetures for such a basic camping task which, if delivered safely, is the source of great achievement for all young people and vital for the function of the camp.


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