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Grants for training to support adventurous activities

The Scout Association has various funding streams to help support some of the training needs that adult volunteers in Scouting will have to enable a diverse and safe programme of adventurous activities. They are:

Important Information about applying for these four funds

Applicants are eligible to apply through their Group, Unit, District or County/Area/Region for one of these purposes in each financial year. No more than 50% of the costs of the course, event or travel will be reimbursed.

We do not make payment to individuals, only to Scout Groups, Districts and Counties/Areas/Regions.

We use a pre-agreement and post-payment model, which means that the grant must be applied for and agreed before the event or purchase, but the payment of the grant will be made afterwards – after receipts or invoices are processed by the HQ team. We cannot accept applications for training courses that have already taken place.

Details of each of these four funds are below. There is also a fifth funding stream which young people aged 18-25 can apply to directly. This is the Youth in Adventure Fund, which is described below (the information above on applying for funds does not apply to the Youth in Adventure Fund).

County Activity Assessors

Assessor funding supports County Activity Assessors in gaining the qualifications and attending the technical update workshops that they require to hold their assessor posts. County Assessors working within the adventurous activity permit scheme can get funding for: We will not fund: All assessors who receive this funding agree to take on the role of a County Assessor for a minimum of two years.

Details of the NGB qualifications required to be a County Assessor, along with update requirements, can be found in the factsheet Adventurous Activity Permit Scheme - Approved Assessors (FS120104) (PDF).

Activity Permit Assessment

Permit funding supports members in attending assessments to gain adventurous activity permits. Funding is available for permit assessment courses to get an adventurous activity permit. This funding could cover travel costs related to the above but will not cover: Training that relates to NRSA Rifle shooting qualifications should be applied for here.

Assessor Workshop Funding

Assessor workshop funding is available towards the costs of running or attending Activity Assessor/Nights Away Adviser workshops.

These could include:

Each workshop should include:

These workshops should act as the ongoing learning that is a requirement of both activity assessor and NAA roles.

This grant will cover up to 50% of the costs of the workshop, grants are usually under £500.

Applicants received from individuals attending local assessor upskilling workshops on their adventurous activity (run by those outside of Scouting) may apply for 50% of event costs but not travel or equipment. 


The technical adviser fund is no longer in operation.

DofE training

DofE training funding supports adult members in attending DofE training courses. Adult members wishing to attend DofE training courses can get funding towards: We will not fund: In return for this funding, applicants are required to carry out their role of a DofE leader, assessor or supervisor for a minimum of two years (appropriate to the course attended).

There is a fifth funding stream that young people aged 18-25 can apply to directly. This is the Youth in Adventure Fund.

Youth in Adventure Fund

The Alpkit Foundation was set up in July 2015 to help young people aged 18-25 overcome obstacles and enable them to Go Nice Places and Do Good Things. They want to help people get outdoors in a way that wouldn’t be possible without their help.

Alpkit are supporting The Scout Association through the Youth in Adventure Fund - a grant programme to equip young people in Scouting (aged 18-25) with skills that will allow them to lead adventurous activities in Scouting for other young people.The fund can support members to support individual young people (18-25) to: Grants are usually £150 per person (or less if the total costs of the course or equipment is under £300).

One application can be made by each individual per year, and grants are paid directly to individuals. Individuals are not required to provide accounts from their Group, District, or County/Area/Region (Scotland) as part of their application as these grants to individuals are not subject to the Scout Grants Committee’s reserves policy.

Where equipment required is available from Alpkit, the grant will be given in the form of discounts for purchases. Transport, accommodation, and other associated costs for training courses will not be funded.

To find out how to apply for any of these funds, and to access our application forms click here.


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