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Local Youth Commissioners

Please note that wherever the word County is used, please replace with Area for Wales

Who are Local Youth Commissioners (LYCs)?
Local youth commissioners are a volunteer role held within Districts and Counties across the UK. So that all of our decisions and activities in Scouting are shaped by young people in partnership with adults, LYCs work in partnership with their District or County Commissioner to lead Scouting in their local area. In addition to this, the Local Youth Commissioner is responsible for the delivery of the Youth Shaped Scouting Strategy in their local area. They are not there to deliver all youth shaped scouting themselves, as this is a collective responsibility for all of our members, however the LYC should be there to drive Youth Shaped, and guide any volunteer or young person who needs extra support implementing Youth Shaped Scouting.

Youth Commissioners: A guide for Line Managers and Youth Commissioners
This is a resource created in response to feedback from line manager and Youth Commissioners across the UK. This resource gives you all of the information you need to know from recruitment to ongoing support of an LYC.

Local Youth Commissioners are appointed at either District or County level in England, Wales and Northern Ireland only. In Scotland, there are Assistant District Commissioners for Youth Involvement and District Youth Commissioners with a different responsibility to lead the District Youth Advisory Group. For role descriptions, please contact Scouts Scotland.

Additional Resources
Role description (Word) - District Youth Commissioner
Role description (Word) - County Youth Commissioner
Nomination Form
The Appointment Process
TA Guide to Local Youth Commissioners
Local Youth Commissioners Q&A

On-going Support from the UK Youth Commissioner Team
The Youth Shaped Scouting Action Plan Toolkit
This toolkit is designed to support Youth Commissioners create a local action plan on how to deliver Youth Shaped Scouting in their District, County, Area or Region (Scotland).

We are updating the youth commissioner toolkit to reflect the new strategy later this month

It is based around the UK Youth Shaped Scouting strategy, and gives helpful tips and hints on how to understand what your local area needs to become more youth shaped. We will soon be adding lots of case studies from around the UK on what other Youth Commissioners have achieved to help provide lots of ideas on what you could do in your local area.

The toolkit is also available from the Print Centre. The Youth Shaped Strategy video gives a really simple overview of the whole toolkit document and how to use it.

Quarterly conference Calls
Every 3 months the UK Youth Commissioner team runs a conference call for all LYCs to join. Ensure your role is active on Compass in order to receive the invite emails. Here is a link to the note from previous calls:
Local Youth Commissioners conference call notes

Youth Commissioner Events
The UK Youth Commissioner team are currently deciding on the next locations for support events for LYCs. There will be a session at Gilwell Reunion every year to bring LYCs together and share best practice. Come back here for more information in the future on these events.


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