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The Scout Association Trust Corporation (SATC)

What is the SATC?

The SATC was created in 1935 as a company limited by guarantee and authorised to hold title to land on behalf of The Scout Association’s Scout units (i.e. Groups, Districts and Counties). Although the SATC was initiated by The Scout Association and continues to be supported by it (being housed within the association's Legal Services Department), the SATC is not owned by the Association and has its own separate Board of Management. The SATC holds title to freehold, leasehold and long-term Licence land interests in land as ‘Custodian Trustee’ on behalf of Scout Units, which means that it has an important but also limited role as it cannot, by law, have any responsibility for the managing the Scout Unit or it's land. This remains the responsibility of the Unit’s Executive Committee i.e. the ‘Managing’ or ‘Charity’ Trustees.

What does the SATC do?

The SATC provides a service which benefits both Scout Units as well as those individuals acting as the local Executive Committee/Charity trustees. It is important to note the legal advisor acting for SATC is unable to also act for the Scout Unit. Therefore, where required, Scout Units will need to consider appointing their own local solicitor to oversee transactions.

Although it’s not a comprehensive list of all issues that may arise, the following represents work undertaken by the SATC in most matters:

The Legal Work SATC undertakes which helps you:

The Legal Work where SATC cannot advise:


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