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Scout Troop forums

A Troop Forum is a meeting of all members of the Scout Troop, either collectively or in smaller groups, and provides an opportunity for everyone to give their views on the programme and running of the Troop.

The following topics could be discussed:

All young people’s views are valuable and all young people have the right to contribute their thoughts and ideas. Young people who are less confident or have difficulties with communicating or working with others may need extra support or flexibility to express their opinions and views. It is important to enable all young people to play an active role, to achieve meaningful youth involvement in the section.

Some young people may have difficulties with things like taking turns, or find it difficult to share their ideas verbally or in a group setting.  Some young people will need more time than others, to process and form their ideas.

Don’t underestimate the ability of all young people to give their views. There are lots of different ways that feelings and ideas can be communicated.

Running a Troop forum

To help you organise a successful Scout Troop forum, you can use the following tried and tested steps as a guide.

This includes practical ideas and tips which could be used, to support all young people to express their opinions/views.  Having a number of methods for young people contribute will be beneficial and more engaging/fun, for all young people.

Encouraging turn-taking

Encouraging involvement


Planning ahead

Leaders should encourage participation, and it is important the young people can see that actions are being taken as a result of discussions. If certain activities cannot be run, then the reasons should be explained to the Scouts and a new activity chosen to avoid disappointment.

Patrol Leader's forums

These are very similar to Troop forums, but involve Patrol Leaders; sometimes Assistant Patrol Leaders, and the Adult Leadership team. If your Troop has young leaders, they should also be involved.

These are some examples of how Patrol Leader's Forums can be used:

These are some suggestions for running a Patrol Leader's forum (that can be run alongside Troop forums):


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