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Rule 9.29 Terrain One Definition

Rule 9.29  Terrain One Definition

Terrain One describes terrain which meets all of the following criteria:

a.    Meets any of the following criteria:
•    is below 800 metres but more than 500 metres above sea level or;
•    is more than 30 minutes but less than three hours travelling time from a road which can take an ordinary road-going ambulance or a building which is occupied (such as a farm) or another means of calling help (such as a telephone box).
•    contains no element of mountainous steep ground (routes or areas where the average person would need to regularly use their hands at least for balance if not for actual progress. This does not stop people from using their hands as an aid to confidence.)
b.    Is not a road, or path adjacent to a road, on which you would expect to see traffic.

c.    Is not Terrain Two as defined by Rule 9.30.


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